Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Good morning/afternoon!

Now that you have finished your first drafts (be sure to submit them to if you have not already) I’d like you to practice with a partner.

Today I’d like you to pair up with a partner and deliver your speech to them. You can do this in the room, out in the hall, or in the back room. Please be respectful of other classes near you in the hall.

When you are the listener, you will give your partner some feedback and suggestions using the handout I will give you. Then trade off, and you give your speech while your partner listens.

I want you to really pay specific attention to the Introduction because of its importance in the speech. Get our attention first and make us interested in your topic from the beginning.

Then evaluate the rest of the speech as indicated on the handout. You will rate your partner 1-5 in the following categories:

Eye Contact

Body Language



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