Jan. 11, 2019

Good morning/afternoon.

Today we’re going to begin workin on the Partner Introduction speech by starting to interview our partners. I have assigned you a partner (below). Use time today to interview each other (you may work in the room or out in the hall – quietly) and TAKE NOTES. Do NOT give your partner the paper to write down answers. Have a conversation. Find good stories to tell us about your partner. Your speech needs to be 2-2 1/2 minutes.

LISTEN to your partner, and remember to ask FOLLOW-UP questions: Why? Tell me more about that, etc.
Here is another link to page with some great questions. 

On Monday, we’ll begin outlining the interview and begin drafting.

Here is a list of partners:
Period 3
Asad and Hieu
Shkur and Jordan
Angelica and Adonai
Maddie and Lilliana
Nyabuoy and Briley
David and Mustafa
Shelby and Camille
Lual and Mimi
DJ and Ne-Quan
Dominique and Araya
Shaima and Journee and Amyia

Period 8
Bwee and Marco
Kyla and Alena
Mark and Nay
Joselin and Nu
Sha and Arya
Jaxson and Amir
Hattie and Ghada
Grace and Doh and
Miriam and Kenneth
Asher and Ivan (absent 1/11/19)
Mahdi and Walter (absent 1/11/19)



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