Monday, Dec. 3, 2018

Good morning/afternoon.


Many of you have not yet turned in a first draft. Your draft will not be counted as final until you turn in a first draft. 

We begin speeches on THURSDAY OF THIS WEEK. 

There also seems to be some confusion about citing sources.
1. You MUST include the WEBSITE in your citation. (Not the whole URL, but the main site:, The New York Times website, The Centers for Disease Control home page, etc.
2. You MUST include the TITLE of the article listed on the page
3. You MUST include the NAME of the person who wrote the article.

Here is what your source citations MUST look like for this speech:
According to an article on by Dr. Fritz Achen titled, “Why you should always floss your teeth,” it is recommended that you floss every day three times a day.

Or: In an article from the

In an article from the Washington Post website, titled, “Gun violence in America,” researches from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that nothing has been done in Congress to stop the increase in gun deaths in the United States.

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