Friday, Sept. 7, 2018

Good morning/afternoon! Happy Friday!

Remember to get any missing assignments in by TODAY. I will be updating Synergy over the weekend.

First Drafts of your Storytelling Speech are DUE TODAY at the end of the period. These MUST be done using your Storytelling Draft document in Google Classroom.  Be sure to also turn in your Plot Diagram as well.

Remember that this draft should basically be a script of everything that you will say when you give your speech. The more complete you make it, the better (and longer) your speech will be. GIVE LOTS OF DETAILS! And be sure you have a Beginning (with an attention-getter), a Middle (building up to the climax), and an End (where you tell us how the event affected/changed you).

When you finish your draft, take time to PRACTICE, and TIME YOURSELF. You may also practice with a partner in the hall. Remember that this speech needs to be 3-4 minutes long.

Upcoming Dates:
Plot Diagram – Due Today
First Draft – Due TODAY
Final Draft – Due Tuesday
Begin Speeches – Thursday

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