Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2018

Good morning/afternoon.

Yesterday we talked about the concept of a story arc or a visual representation of a story. Today, I’d like you to work on the plot diagram I gave you and fill in all of the necessary information for your story. These will be due at the end of class today.¬†You also need to tell me your topic at the beginning of class.

I will also be conferencing with you about your speeches.

Grades are not posted in Synergy. If you want to redo your Partner Introduction Speech for a higher grade, you have one week from today to schedule a time to come in after school. You must have someone else besides me in the audience, so you can bring a friend or ask a teacher to come listen to your speech.

If you have zeroes for the online forms from the beginning of the semester, you have until Friday of this week to get them in for partial credit.

If you have a zero for your Partner Introduction Draft, it means that it wasn’t in the Google Classroom folder where it was supposed to be. Please be sure that your drafts are always in the correct folder, or you won’t receive credit for them. If you move the draft into the folder by Friday, I will give you partial credit, but you must email me to let me know that you’ve moved it there.

Upcoming Dates:
Plot Diagram – Due Today
First Draft – Due Friday
Final Draft – Due Tuesday
Begin Speeches – Thursday

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