Thursday, May 10, 2018

Good afternoon! Good job on your Persuasive Speeches! 

Today we’re going to look at our last assignment: The Group Speech Project!

You will work in groups of three to come up with a plan for a vacation, and you will present a speech to convince/persuade me to choose your plan.
(Hint: Remember Aristotle’s 3 Appeals.)
For this project, I will allow you to select your group. Everyone must be in a group of 3.

Today I’d like you to work in your groups and decide what location you want to go to and divide up duties/responsibilities (who will do which part of the speech).

There is a draft in your Google Classroom for you to use to create the script for the speech. You should share one document with your group members so that everyone can put their information in the same place.

You will get a group grade for the presentation and an individual grade for your part.

Here is a link to the description of the speech. 

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