Tuesday, Feb. 20, 2018

Good afternoon.

Today we drew names for speaking times. We begin giving speeches TOMORROW, Wednesday, Feb. 21st. Everyone should be ready to give their speech tomorrow, even if your spot is on Friday. If someone is absent or can’t give their speech tomorrow, we will move on to the speakers signed up for Thursday. BE PREPARED!

-Be sure you have your note cards. 
-PRACTICE your speech and TIME it. 
-Pay attention to nonverbals, eye contact, and volume. 

1. Michael
2. Lupe
3. Alaina
4. Lary
5. La
6. Jamar

7. William
8. Treyson
9. Matthew
10. Emmett
11. Samual
12. Jack

13. Mario
14. Keegan
15. Ruth
16. Dionte

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