Friday, Jan. 12, 2018

Good afternoon!

Sorry I’m not here again today. Today you’re going to start interviewing each other for the Classmate Interview assignment, which is to Introduce their partner to the class. You can work in the hall or in the classroom (not in the back room). You can use Your Chromebook or paper and pen. The directions for this assignment are here.

You should use the entire period to work on this. On Tuesday, we will get together for a short time and then introduce each other to the class. Use the questions you came up with yesterday, or you can think of new ones. The main thing is to have a conversation and really find out some interesting things to share.

Here is a list of partners. If someone is absent, the sub will help make sure everyone has a partner. If there is an odd number of people, we’ll need to have one group of three.

Alaina Keegan
Coryante Ruth
Dionte La Wah
Emmett Yajaira
Lary Michael Pau
Lupe Legand
Macy Matthew
Samual Alondra
William Jack

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