Wednesday, Jan. 31, 2018

**Meet in the Media Center Computer Lab 100F today**
You will have a sub.

Today you should be working on First Drafts of your Storytelling Speeches. The template is in your Google Classroom folder. Be sure to add as much detail and description as you can. This speech needs to be at least 3 minutes. Write down everything you are going to say. If you finish, practice it to see how your time is. Add more information if you need to.


Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2018

Today I want to talk about the idea of the Story Arc – a graphical representation (diagram) of the events of a story over time. I want you to be sure your story has all of the necessary elements. This will make your story complete, and it will help to make it long enough (3-4 minutes).

Here is a great video of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., a great American author, explaining the story arcs of several well-known stories. Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors, and I got a chance to see him many years ago when he gave this same presentation.

I want us to watch this so we get an idea of the elements of stories that we know so we can include them in our own storytelling speeches. You will make one of these for your story as well.

The page also includes excerpts from his book, Palm Sunday, with separate graphs.

I also want to talk about different kinds of conflicts in stories. Please Take Notes. You can take notes on paper or in Google Docs. 

Can you think of examples from stories or movies?

Person vs. Person
Person vs. Self
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Society
Person vs. Technology
Person vs. The Supernatural
Person vs. Fate/God/gods

How would you characterize the conflict in your story? What does your Story Arc look like? How would you plot out the ups and downs of your story?

Monday, Jan. 29, 2018

Good afternoon.

Hopefully you thought about a topic for your Storytelling Speech over the weekend. I’ll be asking you to tell me the topic today.

You should also fill out the Plot Diagram that I gave you on Friday.
That is due today at the end of the period. Please turn it in to me before you leave. 

Once you have that done, you should start drafting your story in the document in Google Classroom titled: Storytelling First Draft 2018.2. 

First Drafts will be due at the end of the period on Wednesday, Jan. 31st. 

Remember that we’re looking for lots of details in your story.

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018

Good afternoon.

I’m out of the building today. Please follow the directions below. Thanks.

Chapter 3 Notes and Vocabulary
Read pages 53-59 in the Glencoe Speech textbook and answer the questions.
Vocabulary – Write the DEFINITIONS of the terms next to each one. Include an original EXAMPLE of each in the document titled Chapter 3 Notes and Vocabulary in Google Classroom.

Wed. Jan 24, 2018

Good afternoon!

Today we will be giving our Partner Introduction Speeches.

I’ll take volunteers to go first. That pair will then pick the next speakers.

You and your partner will stand at the front of the classroom together and take turns introducing each other. Be sure you have your notecards.

When someone finishes their speech, we will give respectful and enthusiastic applause. 

Good Luck!

Thursday, Jan. 18, 2018

Good afternoon.

Everyone should have interviewed a classmate by now. Today and tomorrow I would like you to do three things:

  1. Begin drafting your speech – Start writing what you will say for your Introduction Speech. Use the document in Google Classroom titled: Partner Interview First Draft 2018.2. Write down everything you are going to say as if this were a script for a movie. Write out complete sentences and add lots of detail. This draft is Due Tomorrow at the end of the period. 
  2. Transfer some of the main ideas and interesting things onto note cards. You may use 3 note cards (front and back) for this speech. I’ll give you them today. Don’t try to write everything on the card. Just write down reminders and cues and then you fill in the rest as you’re speaking.
  3. After you have finished those two things, you should practice your speech with your partner out loud.

Remember that this speech needs to be 2 – 2 1/2 minutes long. 

Below is a rubric I will use to grade your speech. These are the things I’ll be looking and listening for:


Friday, Jan. 12, 2018

Good afternoon!

Sorry I’m not here again today. Today you’re going to start interviewing each other for the Classmate Interview assignment, which is to Introduce their partner to the class. You can work in the hall or in the classroom (not in the back room). You can use Your Chromebook or paper and pen. The directions for this assignment are here.

You should use the entire period to work on this. On Tuesday, we will get together for a short time and then introduce each other to the class. Use the questions you came up with yesterday, or you can think of new ones. The main thing is to have a conversation and really find out some interesting things to share.

Here is a list of partners. If someone is absent, the sub will help make sure everyone has a partner. If there is an odd number of people, we’ll need to have one group of three.

Alaina Keegan
Coryante Ruth
Dionte La Wah
Emmett Yajaira
Lary Michael Pau
Lupe Legand
Macy Matthew
Samual Alondra
William Jack

Monday, Jan. 8, 2018

Good morning! Welcome to Mr. Keller’s Oral Communication class.

This blog page will have all the information you need for this class. I will try to keep it as updated as possible so you always know what to expect. It will include notes, assignments, important dates, and announcements.

We will generally start every day by looking at the day’s post. Please Bookmark this site in your browser, and check here if you are absent to find out about information or assignments that you may have missed.

For the next couple of days we’re going to spend some time getting to know each other. I’m going to ask you to fill out some forms online and share some information about yourself. Please answer the questions honestly, and completely, and with as much detail as possible. The information won’t be shared with anyone else. It’s just a way for me to get to know some things about you that will help me to be a better teacher for you.  I will also be sharing some information about myself.

We’re also going to be discussing the course and what you can expect this semester. I will post new information, assignments, etc., on this blog regularly. If you are absent, check to see what you missed. All assignments will also be posted here, so you can always check to see what you should be working on and what’s coming up.

Today, I’d like you to click on the links below (in the order that they appear) and follow the instructions for each form.

1. The first one is the True Colors Personality Assessment. I’ll go over the directions with you before you begin.
True Colors

2. The second is the Myers-Briggs Personality Sorter. It’s 65, Yes-No questions about yourself. The main thing to remember when taking these assessments is that there are no right or wrong answers and no scores that are better or worse than others. They’re designed to find patterns in your answers that are similar to answers other people gave. Then it suggests some traits that might be true for you.
Myers-Briggs Typology Indicator

Click here to read more information about the Myers-Briggs. We will go over this in more detail together in class, but you can look here to see an explanation of what your score means.

After you have taken the survey, please click here to submit your score and comment on the results. 

3. Next is the Student Profile form. It’s basic information about you. Some of this is on Synergy, but it helps me to have it all in one place. You can see instructions for this in Google Classroom. To join the class, use this code: k8r7iyg

4. Last is the Personal Histories Questions. These are questions about you (likes, dislikes, etc.) that will tell me some things about you that I might not know through the course of the semester. This is a great place to tell me things that you think I should know about you. Again, it won’t be shared with anyone, so please be honest.
Personal History Questions

When we get done with those, we’ll talk more specifically about the course and what to expect. If you have questions before we get to that point, feel free to let me know.

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And remember that you can always send me an email at if you have questions or concerns.