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Username:  A-LHS      Password:  (ask teacher or look on synergy)




Username:  LPS-xxxxxx  (xxxxxx is student’s ID number)  Password:  LPS Password




Username:  ADVALG-LHS      Password:  (ask teacher or look on synergy)

Need Help?

Your Classroom Teacher

This is the best place to start when you are in need of assistance in a math class.  They know exactly what you will be responsible for and appreciate the effort you make to understand the material more fully.  Making an appointment with your teacher is the first step you should take when struggling in a mathematics course.

Video Links

A great way to review or reteach yourself material!!!

ARC-Academic Resource Center

It is open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:15-4:15 in room S130, and on Fridays in room S126.  Talk to your teacher about being assigned.

Math Interventionist

If outside of school interventions are not enough, the math interventionist works with students during the school day.  Talk to your teacher to see if you meet the criteria to work with the math interventionist.

Parent VUE/Student VUE

  • Receive teacher communications
  • Monitor attendance
  • Select and print reports
  • And for secondary school students:
    • Review current grade status
    • Get detailed assignment and course information
    • Automatically receive notification when a grade falls below a selected level