Procedure for Current Students and current Grads to Obtain a Transcript:

  • You must have checked YES to the question: “I grant permission for educational information contained int he school’s files and records to be released to post-high school educational institutions” during the Online Verification process.

If these requirements have been met, Complete this FORM to request a transcript.

Final Transcripts
Final transcripts are sent to the College/University of your choice, at the end of the school year, once final grades have been transcribed. You will need to complete a signed form in May in order for your transcript to be sent.

If you graduated from LHS more than a year ago, your final transcript can be requested from the Student Services department in the LPSDO building.

LPSDO Student Services
5905 O Street
Lincoln, NE   68510
(402) 436-1688

If you have moved to a new high school and want to have your records sent, your new school must make an official records request to our Registrar, Sarah Knight, by faxing (402) 458-3297 or email to