College/Military Visits

Upcoming College Representative Visits

Students that are interested in visiting with a College or Military representative need to report to their class first, get a pass from their teacher and then report to the assigned area of the speaker. Students are responsible for any work they miss in class while attending a session.  Visits will be held in the Counseling Center, unless otherwise noted below.

Feb. 1st – UNL – 5th pd.
Feb. 6th – Navy – 6th pd. – cafeteria (both A & B lunches)
Feb. 7th – Army – 6th pd. – cafeteria (both A & B lunches)
Feb. 8th – Iowa Western – 4th pd.
Feb. 12th – Wayne State College – 5th pd. (11:00)
Feb. 21st – Marines – 5th pd.
Feb. 28th – University of Nebraska – Omaha – 5th pd.