College/Military Visits

Upcoming College Representative Visits

Students that are interested in visiting with a College or Military representative need to report to their class first, get a pass from their teacher and then report to the assigned area of the speaker. Students are responsible for any work they miss in class while attending a session.  Visits will be held in the Counseling Center, unless otherwise noted below.

Sept. 5th – Navy – 6th pd. – Cafeteria
Sept. 6th – Army – 6th pd. – Cafeteria
Sept. 13th – SCC – 5th pd. –
Sept. 14th – UNL – 5th pd. – Room 300
Sept. 14th – Chadron State College – 4th pd.
Sept. 14th – Creighton University – 7th pd.
Sept. 18th – UNO College of Info & Science Technology – 5th pd.
Sept. 20th – Marines – 5th pd.
Sept. 21st – Vassar College – 5th pd.
Sept. 25th – University of Missouri (Columbia) – 5th pd.
Sept. 27th – Morningside College – 5th pd.
Oct. 2nd – Buena Vista University – 5th pd.
Oct. 2nd – Cornell College – 7th pd.
Oct. 4th – Army – 6th pd. – Cafeteria (both lunches)
Oct. 6th – Doane University – 5th pd.
Oct. 9th – University of Kansas – 5th pd.
Oct. 12th – Kansas City Art Institute – 4th pd.
Oct. 12th – Nebraska Wesleyan University – 5th pd.
Oct. 18th – Marines – 5th pd.
Oct. 19th – University of Chicago – 3rd pd.
Oct. 19th – Univ. of Central Missouri – 5th pd.
Oct. 20th – Bryan College of health Services – 5th pd.
Oct. 23rd – Kansas State University – 5th pd.

Upcoming College Campus Tours

________September 25, Monday, Wayne State College, Bus leaves at 8:00am and returns by 3:15pm.

________October 19, Wednesday. Nebraska Wesleyan University, Seniors only, Must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Bus leaves at 9:30am and returns by 12:30pm.

________Oct. 11, Wednesday, Northeast Community College, Bus leaves at 8am and will return by 3:15pm. This trip is ideal for students interested in careers in skilled technical areas such as Construction, Wind Air Turbines, Welding, Refrigeration, Central Air technologies, Robotics, etc.

________October 26, Thursday. Concordia University/Doane University. All day trip. Concordia in the morning and Doane in the afternoon. Leave at 9am return at 3:00pm.

________Nov. 1, Wednesday, University of Nebraska KEARNEY, Bus leaves at 8am and returns by 3pm.

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