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ACT (American College Test)
The ACT test is recommended by many Midwestern colleges and universities. UNO, UNL and UNK Regents scholarships are awarded based upon ACT scores (SAT scores can also be used). Students can register online at Included with the registration process is a student profile in which the student answers many questions. These answers are reported to the college and include items such as size of class, class rank, and grades in certain subjects.

ACT will send score reports to any college the student desires. The first four colleges are included as part of the basic fee. Additional colleges require an additional fee. ACT includes helpful information about each college in the report sent to the student. This information includes how the student’s scores compare to the typical student attending that college, and a prediction of the number of chances in ten the student has to be successful at that college. This is useful information; and for that reason, it is to the student’s advantage to have scores sent to at least three colleges. It is the student’s responsibility to request ACT to send official scores to colleges to which they are applying.

  • Visit the website to register for the exam. If you took the ACT as a junior here in LPS, you already have a login and password to access your account. Use that same account information to register to take the exam again and all your scores will be linked to your name and information, stored in the ACT system.

SAT Reasoning Test
The SAT Reasoning test is required by many East and West Coast colleges as well as by many selective colleges. Students must register in advance with the Educational Testing Service (ETS). Students can register online at The SAT Reasoning test is comprised of a verbal and a math section. In addition there is a mandatory writing section on the SAT.

* Juniors are encouraged to take either the ACT or SAT in the spring/early summer of their junior year.  All LPS Juniors will be taking the ACT  (free of charge) in school on Tuesday, April 25th.

ACT and SAT Test Dates
ACT Test Dates
SAT Test Dates

Lincoln High School Code:  281305                                                                                        ACT Lincoln High Test Center Code:  197060
SAT Test Center Code: 28-175

Accuplacer Test

This computer-adaptive test is used at Southeast Community College. It measures skills in Writing, Reading English and Mathematics and is used for placement in all SCC programs. There is no test fee, the test is untimed, and you receive your results immediately after testing. A variety of times are available. It is recommended that students take the Accuplacer as soon as they decide to attend SCC. You can schedule your test or obtain more information by calling 437-2715.  All students must take the ACT, SAT or Accuplacer for admission to a program.

SCC will be here at LHS to administer the Accuplacer test to LHS students for free! Testing dates are listed below. Sign up in the Counseling center if you are interested! SCC representatives from Admissions and Financial Aid will be available to meet with students after the test as well!

Tentative ACCUPLACER Dates to be announce



October 13, 2018
Held at Lincoln High School
7:30 – noon
Sign up begins Mid-September, check back
Cost will be $25.00

(Preliminary SAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test)

This test is designed specifically for juniors planning to attend a 4-year college.  Reasons students might want to take the PSAT:

  • practice for the “real” admissions tests (SAT and ACT) which they will take in the spring of the junior year and fall of the senior year;
  • have college information sent to them “automatically”
  • get information about how their skills in critical reading, math reasoning, and writing compare to other students who plan to go to a 4-year college;
  • plan courses to take before they graduate from LHS;
  • enter the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

Although the PSAT is designed for juniors, sophomores and freshmen often take it in order to give themselves practice for the test during their junior year.

Test Prep Courses:

LPS PSAT/ACT/SAT Test Prep Workshops contact or call 441-5639. More information can be found here.


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