Student Schedules 2018-19

Important Information about Student Schedules for the 2018-19 School Year


Student schedules will be available for students and parents to view on Synergy, Wednesday, July 25.  You can request corrections, if there is a problem with your schedule.  Please note that we will ONLY make changes for the following reasons:

  1. You have taken and passed a course that is on your schedule.
  2. You are a senior and are missing a required class for graduation.
  3. You have the same course listed twice on your schedule.
  4. There is a gap in your schedule (missing a period) or you have a CNSL listed for a period.
  5. You have not met the pre-requisite for a class on your schedule. (ie: scheduled for Drawing 2 but have not had Drawing 1).

Schedule changes WILL NOT BE MADE for the following reasons:
1. You want a different teacher.
2. You want to be in a class with a friend.
3. You want a different lunch(we now have 3 lunch cycles).
4. You changed you mind about the classes you registered for in the Spring.
So please do not ask for these changes.

We are limiting our face-to-face meetings with counselors to 15 minutes on the Readiness Days for multiple problems with your schedules as listed above, and will schedule appointments during your grade levels assigned time and day. If you need an appointment, call the Counseling Center at 402-436-1301, ext. 3.  For your convenience using the google form is best and changes will be made as soon as possible.  Check your Synergy for updates.

Click HERE for the google form or use Jump Code RMRS.