Summer School 2018

Summer School 2018 will be held at North Star High School from May 30 – July 11 from 8:00-11:50 AM.  Students may take two classes (10 credits). Classes meeting most graduation requirements will be offered. Registration for Lincoln High School students will be held from April 23 – May 16 in the LHS Counseling Center.

April 23 – 27            LPS seniors only
April 30 – May 4      LPS seniors and juniors only
May 7 – 16              All LPS Students

Registration procedure, during the week that applies above:
1. Students should see their counselor for recommendations and registration forms.
2. Students return registration forms with parent/guardian signatures and payment to Ms. Leick in the Counseling Center, as soon as possible.  There is no cost for students who are on free and reduced lunch.
3. Students report to LNS at 8:00 a.m. on May 30 to begin classes.

Summer School Attendance

Absences to Summer School are not listed as excused or unexcused. Due to the very short nature of Summer School, students need to be present every day of instruction for them to be able to have ample opportunity to achieve a semester’s worth of objectives. Once a student has missed five days total or three days in a row, for any reason, they will no longer have the opportunity to earn credit in that class that they have missed. Being late by more than 30 minutes is considered being absent from the class and will be counted as one of the absences. Being repeatedly tardy to class may also result in removal from Summer School, at the discretion of the principal.

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