Summer School Registration

The process for registrations is as follows:

Week of April 18: Current LPS Seniors ONLY can register

Week of April 24: Current LPS Seniors OR Juniors can register

Week of May 1-10 :  Any LPS student can register

MAY 10: Last day that we can accept Summer School Registrations here at LHS.

Students who fail a class and still need to register after this date must go to North Star on May 31 from 1-3pm, or June 1 from 1-3pm, to register in person.

Students that are REGISTERED for F/R Lunch on the day of their registration will have no fee for summer school.

Otherwise, the cost is $130 for one class and an extra $65 for the second class to be paid when registration in returned to the counseling office.

No early registrations will be given to students. Any questions about classes offered, rules, fees, attendance requirements, etc. can be found by going to