Announcement from The Lincoln Community Foundation

The Lincoln Community Foundation is pleased to announce that we have updated our scholarship guidelines and application materials for Spring 2018 scholarship awards!

You may find information about our available scholarships by visiting our website at

The Lincoln Community Foundation administers more than 70 different scholarship funds–many of which are for students who live outside of Lincoln/Lancaster County!  We encourage all Students from across Nebraska to visit our website to check their eligibility.

We are also pleased to announce that we have a new online scholarship platform this year that will make the application process easier.  By completing and submitting the electronic Scholarship application form, Students are automatically applied to Scholarships for which they are fully eligible.  For those Scholarships which require additional information or documentation, they will be offered a list of “Recommended Opportunities”.  Please read the information and criteria carefully to determine if you are eligible for these “Apply To” Scholarships.

The application deadline for Scholarships is March 15th, 2018. 

2017-2018 ACT Test Prep

Many high school students and families are thinking ahead to preparation for the ACT, the nation’s most popular college entrance exam. All LPS students take the ACT exam at no charge as a junior in high school as part of statewide testing. Students also can pay a fee (or see their high school counselor to apply for a fee waiver) to take the test additional times if they choose.

We would like to inform you about district-approved ACT preparation opportunities and college planning resources for students in Lincoln Public Schools:

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SCC Accuplacer Test Sign Up

ACCUPLACER TEST SIGN-UP for Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Accuplacer is a computer-based placement test and is NOT timed. Students can take as long as they need to. We will start 3rd pd (8:51). Students will be tested on English, Reading and Math. When done with testing students will get to meet with SCC representatives from admissions office, financial aid, Learn to Dream etc. to go over test results and make plans for their field of study at SCC.

*Since the lab has 30 computers, only the first 30 individuals who sign up will be able to test on this date. However, make sure to sign up no matter what, as we will offer the test on multiple days throughout the year.  The next test date will be in February 2018.

Click HERE to sign up ASAP!

ASVAB…Save the Date

Students interested in learning more about their skills and abilities are welcome to take the free ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) on January 31, 2018 from 8:00 a.m – 12:00 p.m.  Students are not obligated to the military if they take this exam, but can submit this exam if being recruited by any branch of the military.  Sign up information will be posted after Winter Break.

ACT Prep Classes

Go (to college) LINKS!

IMPORTANT!! The following dates have been changed due to the Pre-ACT being given on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Nov. 14— Patrick Janike, Math—Room 300

Nov. 21—Lori Rennings, English Grammar— Room Cafeteria

Nov. 28–Conferences

DEC. 5—Mark Larson, Reading skills, Room ????

High School Study Abroad

These merit-based scholarships include international airfare, tuition, and program costs, as well as meals and living accommodations (often with a host family).  The programs have no language prerequisites and gap year students are encouraged to apply as long as they meet the age requirements.

Please note that each program has a separate online application process and application deadlines vary from November 2 to December 11.

Click HERE for more information

2017 Fall TCA Information Sessions

Tuesday, October 10 and

Thursday, October 26

7-8 pm

Ag/Bioscience, Culinary and  Health Science Pathways
Thursday, October 12 and

Tuesday, October 24

7-8 pm


Business, K-12 Education, and Early Childhood Education Pathways and Criminal Justice
Thursday, October 1and

Tuesday, November 7

7-8 pm

Engineering, Construction, Automotive Technology, Welding,

Precision Machining and

Information Technology Pathways

Thursday, November 2and

Thursday, November 9

7-8 PM


All Pathways