Student Request for Schedule Change


Please complete and submit THIS form in order to request a schedule change. You will need to fill out a separate form for each schedule change request. Please answer all questions completely in order to have your request considered. Submitting this form does not guarantee ANY schedule changes will be made, only that they may be considered.  Teachers and counselors have the final decision on whether changes will be allowed.

All schedule changes will be made at the counselors’ and teachers’ discretion, while keeping the following in mind:
1. Graduation requirements MUST be fulfilled first.
2. Electives will be filled only if they are available.
3. If the classes you request are full, no changes will be made to your schedule.

Students, you must attend ALL classes on your schedule until your counselor advises you otherwise, OR until the change appears in your schedule on synergy, whichever comes first.

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ACT Test date for last year’s Juniors

The Nebraska Department of Education and ACT have announced that LPS 2019-2020 juniors (graduating class of 2021) who were unable to participate during April in-school testing will have an opportunity to take the ACT on September 22 at no cost. We will communicate information about how to sign up and the schedule as soon as we have that information from coordinators. The fall testing will not include the writing portion and scores will not be used for accountability. This testing opportunity is different than ACT National (Saturday) Testing.

WHEN:  Tuesday, September 22, 2020

You will not need to register online for this exam, it will be provided by LPS at no cost.  More information will be given as the test date approaches.

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Resources available to families

Food Distribution – Grab-and-Go Meals Weekly Distribution

Lincoln Public Schools continues to evaluate its meal program in an effort to maintain the safety of our community and make sure more children are able to access healthy meals. Based on current restrictions in place by the City of Lincoln, the following changes are being made to the grab-and-go meals provided at schools starting Monday, March 30.

  • Four more LPS sites have been added, bringing the total number of sites to 12.
  • More meals are being prepared for each location.
  • Distribution will now be weekly on Mondays from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
  • Drive-thru sites are being set up at each location and families are strongly encouraged to stay in their vehicles and pick up the child meals in the drive-thru lane.
  • To keep everyone safe, please follow LPS staff directions and signage.
  • Please obey all traffic laws and do not block the regular flow of traffic, driveways or arterial streets surrounding schools.
  • The sites will open at 11 a.m. and vehicle lines will not be allowed to form more than five minutes prior to opening.
  • There is a walk-up area available for families who do not have a vehicle, but long lines will not be allowed.  Please follow the directions from LPS staff.  Cones will be set to promote proper line spacing.
  • Each child will continue to receive five breakfasts and five lunch meals.
  • The meals are for children only, and all children 18 and younger are eligible for meals.
  • Children must now be present to receive the meals.
  • Meals are also available to persons with disabilities, ages 18 to 21, who participate in LPS programs. They must also be present to receive the meals.
  • For more information, visit our LPS Website at this link.


LPS Emergency Pantry:

Following our standard LPS closure policy, the LPS Emergency Pantry will NOT be open while LPS is closed. For more information about accessing the Lincoln Food Bank distribution locations visit their website:

Lastly, for other community wide resources:


MyLNK is a website ( and a mobile app (for Apple and Android – search MyLNK) that has information about community resources. It can be downloaded in a wi-fi environment and then used when wi-fi is not available. The website provides translations in Spanish Vietnamese, and Arabic.



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It’s Scholarship Season!

Be sure to check out the current scholarships!  You can check them out at the link here, and anytime under the Scholarships tab, Current Scholarships.  We try to keep these scholarships as up to date as possible and add them as we are made aware of them.

Here’s a tip:  Apply for as many scholarships as you qualify for.

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Counseling Center Calendar!

Notice the new tab above, marked Counseling Calendar!  We will try to keep this up to date with all the goings on of the Counseling Center.  If you’re wondering when that ACT/SAT registration deadline is, when Apply2College Days are, or when Lincoln Graduation will be here for Cap & Gown ordering; these are all things you will find on the calendar, along with so many more!

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