Monday, Nov. 4, 2019

Good morning.

Today I’d like to talk about the deadline dates for these next two writing assignments: The Feature Story and The News Story. Here is a link to the list.

You should all have a topic/subject selected now, and you should be filling out the Advocate Outline and the Advocate Copy Template that are in Classroom. Be sure you Make a Copy of each of them and rename them (be sure to leave your name in the file name). Example: John – Feature Story or Sara – News Story.

Also be sure that you ADD the documents to your Classroom folder so I can have access to it.

First, we’ll start gathering information and finding sources for your News Stories. Fill out as much of your outline as possible, and then start contacting sources.

For the Feature Story we’ll start gathering information and scheduling interviews. When you tell me who your subject is for the Feature Story, I’ll look up their schedule so you can set up a time to interview them.

We’ll be working on both stories kind of at the same time. The News Stories should be your first priority. These are stories we want to put on the Advocate Online as soon as possible. The Feature Stories for Print will take a little longer and will be due later on, but you should be working on them now, too.

Here is a link to a list of possible questions to ask your sources. You don’t need to use these exact questions, but you can if you need some help getting started.

News Story РOnline РDeadlines 
Outlines: Wednesday, Nov. 6th
Interview: Friday, Nov. 8th
Transcription: Monday, Nov. 11th
First Draft: Wednesday, Nov. 13th
Revision: Friday, Nov. 15th
Final Copy: Monday, Nov. 18th

Feature Story РPrint РDeadlines 
First Draft:
Final Copy:

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