Monday, Jan. 14, 2019

2019.2 Advocate Briefs and Stories Specifications

New Specs for second semester:

-A post can be a story or a brief and must have a photo with a caption (and a headline) ready to post by the end of the day it is assigned.
-One letter grade downgraded for each day a post is late (unless there are really compelling extenuating circumstances).
-A brief is up to 25 points. A story is up to 50. (Depending on the quality and completeness of the story – how much editing needs to be done for it to be publishable – at the time of the Final Draft deadline.)
-A brief is 100-200 words.*
-A story is 300-500 words.
-Final Draft Deadline is the day BEFORE the brief/story is scheduled to post.
-If you do a brief, you have one due every week. If you do a story, you have two weeks.
-A brief must still have an engaging lead and include all of the essential (sourced) 5Ws, plus at least three quotes from two different people.
-A story must have everything a brief has plus at least one more source/quote and more details.
-You can switch spots with someone if you need more time and someone else’s story is ready to post.
-Everyone needs to take photos of a sports event and write a story about it. Sign up online.

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