Friday, Sept. 21, 2018

Pep Rally Today this period.

Need photographers – Cover everything: Hall of Fame inductees, Cheerleaders and Pomalinks, Pep Band/Drumline/Color Guard, Crowd, etc. Position yourselves in different places. Don’t take photos from the same spot. Move around so that you can see the faces of the performers.

Homecoming Game/Dance photographers – Neive, Anthony, Clementine (anyone else?)

Pick up cameras at the end of 8th period. Get a pass from Mr. Keller. I need to leave right after school today. I will meet you at the end of the dance to pick up cameras.

Cadence – Athletic Hall of Fame post
Emily – Unity post – see Mr. Keller
Anthony – Sports Scores from last night? Finish email to coaches
Aliyana – Homecoming pre-story?
Grace – Festivus story?
Homecoming Game/Dance post stories – Corey and Clementine

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