StarTran Bus Schedule

StarTranStarTran buses will be free in October AND November with no restrictions. Star Tran Grand Opening is Friday, November 4th 2016.

StarTran routes are undergoing a major makeover starting October 3, so this is a way for people to ride the new routes and get used to the new schedule without having to pay for it. The changes do not affect the booster routes (special buses for several middle schools, Southwest, and NorthStar.)

The StarTran #43 bus picks up Lefler students at 3:20 pm in front of the school on Mondays – Fridays.  Please view the StarTran printable bus schedule and/or StrarTran’s website to plan your student’s best route to and from school.  Please call Lefler with any questions 402-436-1215.

Printable StarTran #43 Bus Schedule

StarTran Website