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Photoshop Elements—What You Didn’t Know

I didn’t know Photoshop Elements could do that!

These video tutorials for Photoshop Elements support various presentations at conferences or workshops, and are done with earlier versions of the software. Most of these features still exist, although in current versions of software you might find them in a different location.

Classroom Panorama

See how the Photomerge Panorama feature in Photoshop Elements can help you capture a moment in your classroom that involves all students, even when you can’t fit all the action into one shot.

Recompose tool

Recompose Tool

Use the Recompose tool to protect parts of the image as you resize or change the shape of an image. The protected areas do not distort as the image is stretched or squeezed.

Photomerge Scene Cleaner

Photomerge Scene Cleaner

The Photomerge Scene Cleaner is an easy way to combine areas of two or more photos.

Famous Person—Clone stamp & Resize with Crop tool

Clone Stamp

This example of using the Clone Stamp tool shows how to realistically put a face on another image. The Crop tool is used to resize the face when the images aren’t the same size.

Image in Text with Clipping Mask

clipping mask

Use a Clipping Mask to put a photo inside of text or any layer object.

Adjustment Layers

adjustment layers

Adjustment layers affect any layers below without changing them (changes aren’t destructive to lower layers). Use adjustment layers for photo correction (color, brightness/contrast, etc.) or to add layers with solid colors, patterns or gradients.

Partial color

partial color

Use an Adjustment Layer to do a partial color photo in minimal steps.

Shape frames

shape frame

The Cookie Cutter tool and an Adjustment Layer help us do eye-popping shape frames.



Collages are great for scrapbooking or collecting lots of images in a multi-page format. It’s easy to add backgrounds, text and artwork.

Depth of Field

depth of field

Learn to use layers and a blur filter to create the illusion of depth of field in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

A Photo Mosaic Made of Little Photos

Photo of Photos

You’ve seen them in magazines, in advertisements, posters or billboards…the big photos that look like they are made up of a lot of little photos. Learn to do this in Photoshop or Photoshop Elements in just a few steps using the Crop tool, layers, patterns, saturation, blending modes and opacity.

A Photo Created from Text

image from text

Lines of text give the illusion that they create an image in this project for Photoshop or Photoshop Elements 9.

A Photo Made into a Color Sketch

colored sketch

Students who might typically shy away from using their own photos in projects because of various features they don’t feel good about will see how their inner beauty shines through when they turn their photo into a color sketch.

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  1. Mark says

    I attended your workshop at the NETA convention. I am excited about trying these new ideas I brought back with me. Thank you so much for your easy step by step instructions.
    Hope to see many more.

  2. Donna Arnett says

    Thank you for posting the tutorials you did at NETA. It’s helpful to go over them again
    and soak it in! You are one of my favorite presenters because you simplify your instructions.

  3. Jake Skilling says

    This has helped me in class many of times, on alot of projects, this is mostly likly kept me from failing. Thank you!!!

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