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Welcome to Family and Consumer Sciences!

Mrs. Skorupa’s Webpage for 2016-17



Mrs. Skorupa ready to start 2016-17! Go Rockets!!



Mrs. Skorupa: Department Chair- Classes Taught: Human Behavior, Interior Design, Relationships, FCS Overview and Lifespan Development. Clubs:  FCCLA, Teammates Representative.

Mrs. Julie Lokie:  Classes Taught:  Culinary Foundations, , Parenting, Creative Clothing, Interior Design, Families and Crisis, Human Behavior and Infants and Toddlers.

Mrs. Kate Pittack: Classes Taught:  Culinary Foundations, Food Prep. and Presentation, Families and Crisis, Human Behavior, and Parenting.

Lincoln Northeast High School is dedicated to educating all students to develop their potential in an instructional environment emphasizing high academic expectations, positive relationships, and respect for diversity.


 Mrs. Skorupa’s Semester 1 Schedule 2016

Period 1: Human Behavior

Period 2: Relationships

Period 3:Plan

Period 4: Human Behavior

Period 5: Plan

Period 6: Lifespan Development

Period 7: Department Chair