Unit 4 Math Test is Tuesday January 16th!

Please help our students prepare by encouraging them to study over the weekend. Ask them to explain to you how to multiply multidigit, decimal numbers… or how to round and estimate with decimals… or how to multiply by powers of 1o. Remind students to get a good night’s sleep on Monday night and whether at home or at school, please help make sure kids get a good breakfast on Tuesday morning. Thanks for all your support! We are going to do AWESOME on this test.

Science Fair is coming!

Dear 5th grade students and families,

Our Prescott annual Science Fair is February 16th, 2017 from 6:30-7:30pm. The Science Fair is an event where science comes alive, thanks to the ideas and research of the students! All fifth grade students will be required to participate and develop a science fair project using the scientific method in the area of their choice. The scientific method is a focal point of our science curriculum. Participation in the fair helps your child meet these educational goals and provides them the opportunity to discover new areas of interest, practice problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and gain a sense of pride in successfully organizing and completing a project. Parental support is very important in completing a successful project. Please take note of the following information so that you can support your student:

  • Students may choose to work individually or they may choose one partner from within their homeroom classroom.
  • Encourage your child to choose a topic that will interest and challenge them. Do not be afraid to try something new! This is a great time to learn about something new.  Ideas for the project can be taken from websites, books, science magazines etc.
  • We will be providing some in class time before winter break to research topic ideas
  • Mrs. Ebeler will be assisting the students with research on their project during their media time beginning in January.
  • Students will also have 50 minutes each day during Unit Studies time the week of February 5th– February 9th to work on their project independently or with their partner.
  • Students will need time away from home to work on their project as well and we would appreciate your support at home.
  • We encourage parents to offer support and assistance as your child is working on the project, but refrain from taking over and “doing” the project for them.
  • Encourage your child to work on the project on a regular basis to avoid waiting until the last minute to get the project done.

**Please note: A Science Fair Registration Form will be sent home with your student next Friday.

Thank you for your support!

5th grade teachers,

Mrs. Brady, Dr. Riley, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Cudaback

Nuisance Items

Dear Prescott 5th Grade Families,

Please help support us by reminding your child not to bring items from home. Items brought from home often become nuisance items and distract from the learning that is happening in our classrooms.

This includes not only items such as slime, hand-sanitizer and toys but also items such as erasers and mechanical pencils. We have worked hard to provide, in our classrooms, all the items that students will need to be successful; students should not need to bring any personal items other than a backpack.

Thank you,

Prescott 5th grade teachers: Mrs. Brady, Mrs. Hughes, Mr. Cudaback, Dr. Riley

Unit 2 Week 6

This week is Week 6 for Wonders Unit 2 which means it is Unit Assessment Week. There will be NO SPELLING this week. We will spend this week working on the different parts of the Unit Assessment including writing Meaningful Sentences and composing a Text Dependent Analysis. We will spend Monday reviewing assessment skills and procedures. The actually assessment pieces will be done TuesdayWednesday and Thursday.

Also this week, on Wednesday morning, we will be doing the Math section of the MAP test.

Please help your child remember to get a good night’s sleep each night this week and give them the opportunity to have a good breakfast either at home or at school. Also continue to encourage your student to give his or her best effort this week. 206 students have set the bar high this year, giving their best every day all day. Please encourage them to continue this tradition as we have a week of assessments.

The Unit 2 Unit Assessment will be completed on Thursday unless someone is absent during the week and has make up work to do.