Fourth Quarter!

March is gone. We have 35 School Days remain.

That’s 35 more school days until our 5th graders are officially Middle School students.

Only 35 days left until the long, arduous journey of Elementary School ends for these kids.

Please help our students remember a few things as they trek on toward May 24th…

  1. The game doesn’t end until the fourth quarter has been played–we’re still in the game and we still have to play hard.
  2. Fourth quarter is when true leaders show themselves. Fourth quarter is when The Pride of All Prescott must step up and lead by example–Don’t quit now.
  3. As the end of the year approaches… you’re not the only ones facing a mix of emotions. We, your teachers, love you, want the best for you, fear for you, want you to succeed and are sad to see you go.
  4. We’ve all been in this together since August. We’re not going to stop now.
  5. Don’t stop. Don’t let up. That’s how winners win in the fourth quarter–they play hard until the final bell.

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