IOWA and CogAT testing starts November 2

We will be doing the IOWA and CogAT testing starting November 2nd. We will do one or two tests per day and will not lose much instructional time. There will still be math homework and spelling words to practice.

These tests are important and students should be encouraged to put forth their best effort. However, these tests are nothing to stress out over. Students should come to school every day ready to work and these assessments are just school work to be done.

October 25th

Dear Prescott community members,
Please join us for the School Neighborhood Advisory meeting on Oct.25th at 6:30pm in the school’s media center. We will discuss the upcoming Waffleman fundraising event organized by PTO and decide if we want to pursue what we discussed in our previous meeting regarding obtaining Prescott families input on things that we do well and things they would like to see happening at Prescott and in the Prescott neighborhood that will contribute to child, family and neighborhood well being. We have had also parent interest to lead Community Cafes, so we will give them an opportunity to share with the group as we are considering a shift in perspective for our S.N.A.C. group.
We hope you can come.
Cristina Keen
Prescott School Community Coordinator
Family Service Youth Development Program Supervisor

Science Notes

We just finished up our unit on the Scientific Investigation. Students can now identify and apply the components of scientific investigation – Question, hypothesis, procedures, results and conclusion. Students know how important controlled and manipulated variables are to an experiment.

We will start Chemistry at the beginning of the second quarter. Students will be able to:  Describe magnetic behavior in terms of attraction and repulsion.  Identify physical properties of matter (color, odor, elasticity, weight, volume).  Identify state changes caused by heating and cooling solids, liquids, and gases.  Identify mixtures and pure substances.  Use appropriate metric measurements to describe physical properties.  Distinguish between physical and chemical changes.

Math in October

Students have moved into dividing whole numbers. It is important for students to see the relationship between multiplication and division. We encourage your student to practice multiplication facts at home. Students will continue to estimate the answers to division problems (quotients) like they did with multiplication. After our division unit we will review different units of measurement for volume, length, and weight.