1st Grade Team Page


In first grade your child will grow by leaps and bounds.  You will be amazed at all they learn!  We are fully committed to providing your child a safe and engaging learning environment where students will be challenged daily. If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of us.  Your child’s learning is our number one priority and we are dedicated to working together with you to ensure that their needs are met.

Donation List:

Folder for homework (two-pocket)             Glue sticks

Expo brand black markers                          Packages of sheet protectors

Kleenex                                                      Blue painter’s tape

Sticky notes                                                Pencils (#2 Ticonderoga)

Hand Sanitizer                                            Clorox Wipes

Ziploc bags (gallon and quart)

The First Grade Team would love to thank all of our wonderful parents for their generous donations of classroom supplies.


Our bottom line at Kloefkorn School:

It is NEVER okay to be hurtful. It is NEVER okay to be disruptive.


Student Life Goals:

I can take good care of myself even if I’m mad.

I can be productive and follow directions even if I don’t want to.

I can be okay, even if others are not okay.


Specialist Schedule:

Jones: Day 1: P.E., Day 2: Music, Day 3: Art, Day 4: Computer Science

Fleischman: Day 1: Music, Day 2: Art, Day 3: Computer Science, Day 4: P.E.

Cudaback: Day 1: Art, Day 2: Computer Science, Day 3: P.E. , Day 4: Music

Burgason: Day 1: Computer Science, Day 2: P.E., Day 3: Music, Day 4: Art

Library Schedule:
Jones: Monday

Cudaback: Wednesday

Burgason: Thursday

Fleischman: Friday


First Grade High Frequency Word lists by Unit

Start Smart High Frequency Words:

a     this     we     can     is     are     do     my     me     go     look     she     has     little     with     he     where     for     I     here     and     like     play     have     to     the     see     you     said     was

Unit 1 High Frequency Words:

does    school   what   out   up    be   come   too    pull     make   they   jump   move    two   not    down   very    good   fun    run

Unit 2 High Frequency Words:

again   new   there   help   use   three   one   then   could   live   who   eat   under   of   no   want   her   day   all   call   walk   around  by   many  place

Unit 3 High Frequency Words:

away  now  some  today  way  why  green  grow  pretty  should  together  water  any  from  happy  once  so  upon  ago  boy  girl  how  old  people after  buy  done  every  soon  work

Unit 4 High Frequency Words:

about   animal   carry  eight   give   our   because    blue    into   or    other   small   find   food    more   over    start    warm  caught   flew   know  laugh   listen   were   found   hard    near   woman    would    write

Unit 5 High Frequency Words:

four   large   none   only   put   round   another   climb   full   great   poor    through   began   better   guess   learn   right   sure   color   early   instead  nothing   oh   thought   above   build   fall   knew   money   toward

Unit 6 High Frequency Words:

answer  brought  busy  door  enough  eyes  brother  father  friend  love  mother  picture  been  children  month  question  their  year  before  front  heard  push  tomorrow  your  favorite  few  gone  surprise  wonder  young


READ! READ! READ! Tips for parents when listening to your child read a book:

  • Read the title together and ask your child what he/she thinks the book is about
  • Remind your child to look at the picture first on each page, to gain information about the story
  • Remind your child to point under each word as he or she reads (make sure it matches!)
  • If your child gets “stuck”, help him/her think about what would make sense in the story, would sound right, and look right.  Go ahead and tell them the word if they can’t figure it out.
  • HAVE FUN! Talk about the story and how it relates to your child’s life or experiences.
  • Don’t cover up the pictures or try to “test” your child on the words.
  • Encourage your child to read the book several times–to family members, friends, or even their pets and dolls!