Classroom Assignment Survey

At Kloefkorn School, we approach the important decision of class assignment in a very thoughtful and systematic manner, taking into consideration a variety of factors in developing class lists. Our first priority as we make assignments is to provide an optimal learning environment for all students. We strive for equitable, compatible, and balanced classes that take into account range of ability (heterogeneous grouping), gender, learning styles, and personality. We also look carefully at peer and social interaction patterns. Assignments for the 2017-18 school year will be made over the summer by teachers and administrators after extensive input and discussion and shared with parents electronically.  Waiting to inform students allows us to place students new to our school and to finalize teaching assignments that may change over the summer.

To provide input into the process, please complete this form and submit it by May 5th. Please note that due to the many factors that must be considered when making class assignments, we ask that parents not make specific teacher requests. The demands associated with achieving balanced classes make it difficult to honor all such parent requests. Please also know that not providing input will have no effect on the care given to each child’s placement.