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Biology D.

Week 1

Aug. 12 **Tuesday-9th grade day…10 min. class to Welcome new East students.

Aug. 13—Wednesday    Review Class Expectations Sheet (Sign/Return)

Read Safety Contract Sheet (Sign/Return)

Check out Books/ Get On-line book code/    Read 1.1

Aug. 14—Thursday   Go over Notebook Journal examples…

Notes 1.1

Worksheet 1.1 (Due Friday)

Aug. 15—  Friday  Worksheet 1.1 Due  (also signed safety contract and class expectation sheet from Wed. is due)

Finish Notes 1.1                (examples of LIFE characteristics…How do we know if something is alive??

QUIZ over 1.1               Assignment-Read 1.2 for Monday…


Aug. 18 Mon—  Review 1.1      Eight characteristics of Life        Finish 1.1 notes and begin notes for section 1.2           Worksheet 1.2   Due Tues.

Aug. 19   Tues.—    Finish notes 1.2     READ 1.2  Go over Quiz            Ethics activity…with a partner.          Short video clip–Jumping Frog

Aug. 20   Wed.–    Video clip  –   Falcon               READ 1.3       Notes 1.3        Worksheet 1.3       “It could be you” clip  Careers in Biology….

Aug. 21 Thurs.–  Go over Worksheet 1.3    clip Lizard adaptations         Finish Notes 1.3        Quiz 1.2/1.3       REVIEW for TEST Ch. 1

Aug. 22  Fri.–    Go over Quizzes        TEST   CHAPTER 1            …Reflection card after finishing test


Aug. 25 Mon–  Go over TEST Ch. 1     Copy Field Guide orders off the board—        Research in Computer Lab

Aug.22  Tues–  Field Guide Due**       Review insect orders and the “Dirty Dozen”….        Corn Yield Problem (Group Activity)

Aug. 23  Wed.–   Notes 2.1         Review Dimensional Analysis and do one more on the board        Assign Characters for Wolf Sonnett and describe expectations for project             Watch 10 min. of “Yellowstone Wolves”

Aug. 24  Thurs.–  Challenge Q’s from Ch. 1   Finish Wolf Video       Go over project and look at good examples

Aug. 25  Fri.–  Insect Pinning Demo.  (Review Sonnett Project-***Due on Tuesday when we RETURN****     Insect capture techniques/ Net sweeping…..Out below Seacrest Field