Kahoa Elementary is located at 7700 Leighton Ave, Lincoln, Nebraska 68507 [map]. Our main office phone number is 402-436-1147.


Our school, in cooperation with Lincoln Public Schools, the Foundation for Lincoln Public Schools and the Realtors’ Association of Lincoln has created a downloadable brochure that details some important information and statistics about Kahoa Elementary School.

Information for Parents


All parents and guardians must read the Kahoa handbook. This helps you understand the procedures and guidelines at Kahoa for a better learning environment for your student. Please see link to the 2015-16 Kahoa Student Handbook and Calendar.

Download Calendar


We will send home an Elementary Student Census Information sheet with your child(ren) the first day of school. Please make any corrections or additions in a color other than black ink and return them with your child(ren) to the school as soon as possible.


The primary goal is to teach consistent expectations for behavior that students understand. These expectations will be taught throughout the student’s educational experience at Kahoa and many other Lincoln Public Schools from the time a student enters Kindergarten through graduation.

The Consistent Expectations taught at each school will focus on four Guidelines for Success. These Guidelines for Success focus on the four B’s – Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Ready. At Kahoa School, we have focused on addressing problem behaviors that occur during unstructured times of our school day. We have implemented the guidelines for success during times when students arrive at school, when students are at lunch, and when students are dismissed from school. As a result, there are high expectations for student behavior during the times of Arrival, Lunch and Dismissal.

It is important to note that Consistent Expectations will impact times when parents can bring their student to school and when their student will be expected to leave campus. Students will be allowed on campus during identified periods of the day and parents are asked to comply with these specified times.

The primary purpose of our plan is to clearly define expectations that will help improve the level of safety while your student is at school. Defining and making clear key expectations for students provides a foundation upon which to further improve and sustain the school environment. Clear expectations not only addresses safety but also maximizes time spent on learning.


You are always invited to visit our school and classrooms. You must check in with the Security Entrance Monitor during each visit. This procedure provides safety and security for all our students. We also ask that you keep classroom visits to 20 minutes. Half-day and all-day visits can distract from the instructional program. If you want to visit with a teacher or staff member at a time other than Parent Teacher Conferences, please don’t hesitate to call the school to make an appointment. We ask that you make an appointment outside of instructional time, so that classes are not disrupted.


We welcome adult volunteers to Kahoa School to help teachers and students. We hope you will consider giving of your time and energy by volunteering at Kahoa. If you would like to volunteer anywhere throughout the school, contact your child’s classroom teacher or stop by the office and let us know. We will have sign up sheets for volunteers in the classrooms at Safe Walk/ Open House night. We love our volunteers!

  • The Main Building Entrance will continue to be the southwest doors across from the staff parking lot.
  • All visitors must first check in with the Secured Entrance Monitor.
  • Students may not be dropped-off or picked-up on the staff parking lot side of the drive through lane.
  • Students may not be dropped-off or picked-up in the staff parking lot.
  • All Kindergarten students will line up and enter the building by the main entrance across from the staff parking lot (door #2).
  • All grade 1 students will line up and enter the building through the main entrance (door # 1).
  • All grade 2 students will line up and enter the building off of Leighton Avenue (door #17).
  • All grade 3 students will line up and enter the building from the east playground doors (door #10).
  • All grade 4 students  will line up and enter the building from the northwest doors (door # 7).
  • All grade 5 students will line up and enter the building from the northeast playground (door #9).
  • Drivers must follow the guidelines of the city Traffic Flow Pattern for Kahoa.
  • Suggestions: Drop-off or pick-up students a block or two away from school. Have students walk to and from school together. Stagger your pick-up time by five minutes to let some traffic clear out.

Following these simple procedures will help make for a much safer arrival and dismissal for students.

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