Kahoa Elementary is located at 7700 Leighton Ave, Lincoln, Nebraska 68507 [map]. Our main office phone number is 402-436-1147.


All parents and guardians must read the LPS and Kahoa Important Information Booklets. These booklets will help you understand the procedures and guidelines at Kahoa for a better learning environment for your student. All handbooks can be accessed electronically with limited hard copies available for those without electronic access. There are three handbooks that all families should make themselves familiar with as each contains different information. The Important Information Handbook provides information that applies to all students and families of Lincoln Public Schools. The Elementary Common Practices Handbook provides information that applies to all elementary school students and families of Lincoln Public Schools. The Kahoa Student and Parent Handbook provides information that applies to students and families of Kahoa Elementary. You can access all three handbooks by going to www.lps.org and clicking on the “Important Information Booklet” link in the upper left-hand column, or at the “Handbook” link on the Kahoa home page in the upper right-hand column.  All handbooks should be updated by the end of July.

Elementary Student Census Information:

Elementary Student Census Information sheets will be available at Open House on Thursday, August 10th. If you are not able to attend Open House, your student’s form will be sent home with them the first day of school. Please make any corrections or additions in a color other than black ink and return them with your child(ren) to the school as soon as possible. BE SURE TO COMPLETE BOTH FRONT AND BACK PORTIONS of the census form and check the appropriate boxes.


Student Expectations and School Management of Behavior:

At Kahoa we teach common, school wide expectations for learning and behavior. This will ensure your child and our staff have consistent expectations across our school and that all the adult learners can recognize and support positive behaviors as well as, help teach students appropriate expectations that will help our school community to be most conducive to learning. When our Kahoa community holds themselves to the expectations in the matrix HERE, then we are also keeping with two overarching expectations that protect our learning environment and help make Kahoa a great place for students to be and learn. These overarching expectations are: “It is never okay to be hurtful and it is never okay to be disruptive”.

There are also three Life Goals we focus on with students:

  1. I can be productive and follow directions even if I am mad (overwhelmed by my feelings).
  2. I can be productive and follow directions even when others around me are not okay.
  3. I can be productive and follow directions even when I don’t want to (even if it is difficult).

This all being shared, we expect our positive and supportive learning climate to be one of many more celebrations and successes rather than misbehaviors. We believe in a positive school climate and will work hard to reinforce and recognize students who display good learning skills and interactions with others.



Visting & Volunteering at Kahoa:

Parents and legal guardians may visit as often as you like. We recommend a 30-minute visit to the classroom. We have found this amount of time provides a good snapshot of the class and does not disrupt the learning of your child or others. Calling the office ahead of a visit is not required but is courteous and helpful for the teacher and the office staff so that we can best help you when you arrive. To protect the learning environment for your child and all children, we ask that other children not attend school as visitors to the classroom. They are welcome at school events and for a lunchroom visit. To ensure the safety of your child and our staff, all visitors and volunteers are required to check in at the office for any visit to the school. All doors to our school will remain locked at all times except the front left door to the main entrance.

Each visitor will receive an ID badge that must be worn at all times during the visit. You will also need to return to the office to check out and return your ID badge upon the completion of your visit. Thank you for being patient and following these procedures. We want your visit to be welcoming, but also want to ensure we are being safe with all visitors. All volunteers must register with Lincoln Public Schools. This process is on line and may be accessed  HERE or by going to the LPS home page and clicking on the link in the lower left-hand column.

Students enter and exit the school at the following locations:


  • The Main Building Entrance will continue to be the southwest doors across from the staff parking lot.
  • All visitors must first check in with the Secured Entrance Monitor.
  • Students may not be dropped-off or picked-up on the staff parking lot side of the drive through lane.
  • Students may not be dropped-off or picked-up in the staff parking lot.
  • All Kindergarten students will line up and enter the building by the main entrance across from the staff parking lot (door #2).
  • All grade 1 students will line up and enter the building through the main entrance (door # 1).
  • All grade 2 students will line up and enter the building off of Leighton Avenue (door #17).
  • All grade 3 students will line up and enter the building from the east playground doors (door #10).
  • All grade 4 students  will line up and enter the building from the northwest doors (door # 7).
  • All grade 5 students will line up and enter the building from the northeast playground (door #9).
  • Drivers must follow the guidelines of the city Traffic Flow Pattern for Kahoa.
  • Suggestions: Drop-off or pick-up students a block or two away from school. Have students walk to and from school together. Stagger your pick-up time by five minutes to let some traffic clear out.

Following these simple procedures will help make for a much safer arrival and dismissal for students.

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  1. Andrea Convey

    Evelyn Kahoa was my great grand mother. She overcame incredible odds to have the career that she did. Thank you for posting some info on her prominently on tour home page. It’s appreciated. I hope young people have the chance to learn what an incredible feat it was for a mother to have a career like she did in that era.

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