American Literature and Composition – 3/30/2017

Black Boy by Richard Wright: Yesterday students took a quiz covering chapters 7-9 and then read chapter 10 which was due todayStudents will read chapter 11 for Friday, 3/31 and also work on a motif assignment, and the Study Guide while reading.  Black Boy Calendar (link)

Black Boy Artifact Research: Students will be working on this over the next several days, and the assignment is due on Monday, 4/3. 

English 9 – 3/29/2017

Bell Ringer (Oxford Comma)

Research Paper Wrap Up: Students looked over their papers one more time today, keeping in mind the self-edit handout from Monday, the peer review activity from yesterday, and grading rubric.  Students printed off their essay and turned in the grading rubric and self-edit handout with the paper.

Students wrote a research reflection in order to gain a better understanding of our research unit.