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How-to Writing: Making Lemonade!

We have just started our unit on expository, or “how-to”, writing. To kick off our learning, students had to tell Mrs. Hollibaugh how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A lot of laughs were heard as students told… Continue Reading →

Fall Party Fun!

Leaf Art

Making Healthy Snacks

Recess & Classroom Fun

Releasing Butterflies

Our caterpillars arrived!

The kids were so excited our caterpillars arrived! They came in the mail just minutes before specials but we took the time to give them each their little home with a scoop of food. Photos courtesy of Addison W., our… Continue Reading →

Science: Life Cycles

Beginning our study of Life Cycles… I asked the kiddos to come up and draw certain things in the boxes, then had them look and think to determine what we would be studying next. They are pretty clever kiddos! They… Continue Reading →

First Day of School

Some excited faces as we began the first day of 2nd grade!

Spelling Unit 1

These are the spelling lists for unit 1. Beyond is the GREEN list and On is the BLUE list (the kids know their list by color). The test dates and lists are below in case your child cannot find theirs… Continue Reading →

Recess Art

These young ladies created a beautiful piece of artwork from DANDELIONS! What a fun way to spend a warm spring recess.  

Cooperative Learning

We have been working on our ability to cooperate AND learn. It’s called COOPERATIVE LEARNING. We are getting pretty good at it. We often do things like ‘Think, Pair, Share’ where we share ideas with a neighbor. This is great… Continue Reading →

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Here are some interesting things we learned on our field trip today: Jullisa says “They let in 300 trucks per day at the landfill.” Patience says “People threw trash out of their windows back in the olden days.” Sophee says… Continue Reading →

Static Electricity

We’ve discussed static electricity in regards to weather and lighting and even did a lightning experiment trying to create a spark. Today we read a story about static electricity and got out the balloons to give it a try. Some… Continue Reading →

How-To Writing

It is easiest for students to write about how to do something, when they have recently done it… so after watching me make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and then writing about it, we created MARBLED EGGS. As a… Continue Reading →

Measuring Wind Speed

For our most recent science unit, we studied all aspects of weather. One topic we discussed was wind speed. We used homemade ANEMOMETERS to measure wind speed. Ask your child how the anemometer measured wind speed. They should be able… Continue Reading →

Spelling lists for Unit 5

There are three different spelling lists each week. Typically your child should be able to tell you which is their list. The Beyond list is the GREEN list, the On list is the BLUE list, and the Word Family List… Continue Reading →

Assembly Line Production of Cars…

We had an assembly line production of paper cars for our Social Studies unit before Christmas. The kids had a lot of fun… and so did I!

It’s all about EFFORT

This school year, Calvert is focusing on EFFORT. We’ve been talking about what that means all year in our classroom. Just this week we began doing some data tracking on our effort in class. We are focusing on five main… Continue Reading →

Being Healthy!

We learned all about the digestive system and eating healthy in our second quarter health unit. Here we are enjoying the snack provided by a UNL extension office to help up wrap up our unit. We are making cheese stick… Continue Reading →

Halloween Fun!

Our Halloween Party was a success! Lots of fun was had by all. Thank you to the parents who volunteered… and thank you for the treat for me from the parents. I truly appreciate all you do for my students… Continue Reading →

Butterfly Life Cycles… Saying Goodbye

  Releasing our butterflies. These were from a while back but I hadn’t posted the photos yet.


I had to snap a pic of this toothless pair. So cute!

Mad Scientist Monday

Monday, November 24, will be MAD SCIENTIST MONDAY. We will be conducting experiments having to do with the three states of MATTER: Solid, liquid, gas. It will be a FUN day…. and probably pretty messy. Wear clothes that can get… Continue Reading →

2nd Grade Art Online Display

Our second graders have been hard at work creating ‘Symbolic Butterfly Art’. Check their work out here….

Class Dojo

We have started something in our classroom called ‘Class Dojo’. It’s a great way to help students make goals regarding their school behavior and strive to achieve them. You can log in and view their points at any time. Students… Continue Reading →

Parent Info Night

Tomorrow night (August 28) from 6-7PM is the Calvert Parent information night. Come to room 105 to hear about the 2nd grade expectations, procedures, math, reading, writing, and more. It’s a great time to ask questions and learn about what… Continue Reading →

Book Orders

Book orders are due August 30. If you would like to order online, it’s simple! Just click on the link below: Our class code is M9Z7V. There are lots of great books for your child to enjoy. Also, most… Continue Reading →

Welcome to 2nd Grade!

Hi Parents! Sorry for the delay in getting this site up and running. I actually had another site set up but came across some hiccups as I was trying to release it so I decided to make a brand new… Continue Reading →

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