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Pearl Harbor

December 7, 1941

This morning, Japanese bombers attacked the US Naval base in Pearl Harbor.  Later in the day, war was declared on Japan.  It is inevitable that the US will also fight in Europe against the Axis Powers.

Follow this link and go to the multimedia Attack Map on the right.  Click through the timeline. To see photos and a short description of the event, click “full story.”

What does this mean for you?

Civilian Draft-Age Male: Americans now overwhelmingly support going to war with Japan.  How do you feel about the attacks? How is your life likely to change in the next few months?

Enlisted Male: As a Navy man, these attacks directly affect you.  Your ship is now preparing for war.  What can you expect from the time you are about to spend in the South Pacific? The following link will take you to a Navy publication created for sailors about to ship out.

Female on the Homefront: What are your initial reactions to the attack?  Who do you know that might be leaving for war (boyfriend, brother, father)?  In what ways can you help with the war effort?