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Information Management

Information Management is a component of BLATS

(the Lincoln Public Schools Blueprint for Assessing Technology Skills)

Managing information is a fundamental skill. Are you ready to learn?

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by Ladd Skelly,

As an educator, it’s so important to have easy and fast access to information, whether it is a file on your computer or a web site you want to use in class. Here you’ll find links to useful information on two major topics:

  1. File Storage—including where the files are stored, how they are named, how to share them and how to back them up.
  2. Data Management—(referring to online resources) including how to bookmark and organize Web addresses,  and how to share sites with others.

File Storage

1. Where is the file I saved?

When you login to the computer using your own login and password, the Documents folder is set up to be the default location for saving files. You can create folders inside the Documents folder to organize your files, which is a great idea! See these movies about how to create folders:

What’s the difference between Save and Save As? Use Save As if the document hasn’t been given a name yet, or if you’d like to give a previously saved document a new name or save it in a new location. The Save command can be used to repeatedly save the current document under the same name as you work. See these reviews (using Microsoft Word for the example):

2. Why are file names and extensions important?

When saving a file, your file name should end with a three letter extension which identifies to computers what software is necessary to view the file. When you save a file, the appropriate extension is typically added automatically by the software (.doc for Word, .ppt for PowerPoint, etc.). A period is used to separate the base file name from the file extension.

3. Where is the file I downloaded?

School computers are set up so that all files downloaded from the Internet go to a Downloads folder.

4. How do I share a file with someone else?

First, email attachements should NOT be used as the solution for sharing files. Instead, the Lincoln Public Schools has implemented Docushare, a web based file management system. Using DocuShare, you can organize and share content, collaborate with others on projects, and automate work processes such as faxing, scanning, and printing to the LPS Print Center.

If you are a new user to Docushare, see the Help page where you can download PDFs or view videos to learn the basics.

There are three basics steps to sharing a file after logging into Docushare:

5. How do I make a backup of my files?

There are multiple ways to back up the files on your computer, including:

  • Docushare (see above)—a web-based storage system that can be accessed at home or from any computer with Internet access.
  • eDisk—a server that can be accessed on the LPS network but not from home.

The two methods above are supported by the district. If you are comfortable using your own Thumb drive to make a backup, that could be an option, too.

See details and help for making backups with the methods below.

Data Management

How can I save Web site addresses that I use often?

How can I organize all the information I want to access quickly? There are so many Web sites I like!

How can I share my web sites with others?