ELL and the Data Teams Process

ELL Data Team Supports

ELL teachers in our district provide core reading, writing and language instruction for ELL students to prepare them to transition into the general education classrooms.  ELL students language acquisitions and learning will accelerate WHEN instruction is delivered using ELL research based strategies.  An ELL teacher’s expertise in language acquisition is an instrumental and vital part of the PLC team’s collaboration as it provides a language learning perspective and strategies for linguistically and culturally diverse students in all classrooms.



Secondary ELL PLC Work 2013-2014

In order to correlate our work with the district’s PLC vision using Data Teams, ELL teachers, coaches, and ESU Assessment Specialists collaborated monthly during the 2013-14 school year. We worked to identify target objectives, to define proficiency, and to develop common assessments for each ELL level in the areas of reading and language acquisition. We developed a table of specifications for three target objectives in reading that define the objectives we are measuring, how we will measure these, and benchmarks that will be used.  Our plan is to continue working on the data teams process.


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