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September 18 – Y Day

CS Discoveries 8

You will:

  • Know the definition of boolean.
  • Be able to describe the properties of an object using boolean statements.
  • Understand that we can organize objects based on simple and compound boolean statements.
  • Be able to complete lesson 11,
    • Lesson 11, Level 11 is a formative assessment
    • Lesson 11, Pop Challenge is a formative assessment

Business 8

You will:

  • Understand how to quickly determine┬áprofit or loss on a stock purchase.
  • Be able to figure profit or loss.
  • Know what a dividend is in relationship to stocks
  • Understand how to locate whether a dividend payment is made by a corporation.
  • Be able to figure dividend payments.
  • Add the following words to A to Z
    • Dividend
    • Figure Profit/Loss
    • Figure Stock Price

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