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March 22 – X Day

Computer 7

You will:

  • Warm up on Edutyping – Alpha Lessons
  • Review your understanding of basic html¬†language using Pear Deck
  • Be able to add an image to a web page

Computer 8 – CS Discoveries

You will:

  • Know what your 3rd quarter grades are.
  • Be able¬†to use the velocity and rotationSpeed blocks to create and change sprite movements
  • Be able to describe the advantages of simplifying code by using higher level blocks

Business 8

You will:

  • Check your stocks
  • Schoo Store
    • Passes for after school
  • Know what factors are used to determine what makes good money.
  • Understand commodity money and how it was used historically
  • Be able to identify features of US money that prevent counterfeiting

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