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February 23 – X Day

Computer 7

You will:

  • Warm up on Edutyping – Alpha Lessons
  • Know what a heading is and the different levels of headings
  • Understand the HTML language used to create headings
  • Be able to use heading tags to change the appearance of text on a web page.
  • Be able to structure content into headings, subheadings, and paragraphs.
  • Be able to create a template design for your web page.

Computer 8 – CS Discoveries

You will:

  • be finishing up lesson 11, 12, and 13 in Unit 3.
  • make sure you have all required material turned in.
  • be able to work on the following things when all required material is complete

Business 8

You will:

  • Check your stocks
  • Schoo Store work:
    • Repair price posters
      • Bluetooth Speakers
      • Dairy Queen Gift Cards
      • Are we missing other products?
    • Items to purchase
      • Chips
      • Portable Chargers
    • Posters
      • A poster for each individual product for the hallways
      • Take down Box Tops posters and price posters
    • Count Money
    • Box Tops
      • Collect teachers box tops
      • Cut and count box tops
    • What am I missing?

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