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February 20 – Y Day

Computer 7

You will:

  • Warm up on Edutyping – Alpha Lessons
  • Know that HTML allows a programmer to communicate the way content should be structured on a web page
  • Understand how to use lesson resources provided in Web Lab
  • Be able to write a simple HTML document that uses opening and closing tags to structure content
  • Know what a heading is and the different levels of headings
  • Understand the html language used to create headings
  • Be able to use heading tags to change the appearance of text on a web page.
  • Be able to structure content into headings, subheadings, and paragraphs.

Computer 8 – CS Discoveries

You will:

  • Be able to use conditionals to react to keyboard input
  • Be able to move sprites in response to keyboard input boolean statements
  • Work on Unit 3 – Lesson 12
  • Turn in Unit 3 – Lesson 12 – Tab 10
  • Be able to use an else statement as the fallback case to an if statement
  • Be able to differentiate between conditions that are true once per interaction, and those that remain true for the duration of an interaction.

Business 8

You will:

  • Check your Stock Market Game Results.
  • Be able to figure the total amount of money made or lost on a stock using commission fees.
  • Review for Wednesday’s Stock Market Test.

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