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February 16 – Y Day

Computer 7

You will:

  • Warm up on Edutyping – Alpha Lessons
  • Know that HTML allows a programmer to communicate the way content should be structured on a web page
  • Understand how to use lesson resources provided in Web Lab
  • Be able to write a simple HTML document that uses opening and closing tags to structure content

Computer 8 – CS Discoveries

You will:

  • Be able to use the counter pattern to increment or decrement sprite properties by completing Unit 3, Lesson 9
  • Be able to identify which sprite properties need to be changed, and in what way, to achieve a specific movement in Unite 3, Lesson 9
  • Know what a boolean statement is.
  • Understand how boolean statements are used all around us.
  • Be able to organize objects based on simple and compound boolean statements

Business 8

You will:

  • Check your Stock Market Game Results.
  • Be able to create a virtual tour using Google Tour Builder of the headquarters for each stock that has been a part of your stock portfolio or stock interested in purchasing.
    • Located in Google Classroom

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