Michelle Phillips, Principal

Welcome to the Hill School website!

Ruth Hill School is named after Ruth Davis Hill, the first woman to serve on the Lincoln Public Schools Board of Education. For 18 years she served in this role where she gathered admiration and respect of others for her dedication and advocacy for children and families within the community. Ruth Hill Elementary School was built in 1976 as a result of Lincoln’s population growth in the southwestern section of the city. The school in earlier years was designed using an open classroom concept. Renovations of the existing school within the past decade have included the addition of interior walls, exterior windows, updated flooring, and energy efficient heating and air conditioning systems. The renovations were completed in August of 2010.

Hill School serves approximately 530 students, pre-school through fifth grade, in instructional teams. Regular education staff along with curriculum specialists and special education staff work collaboratively to help meet the needs of all students. An instructional specialist works with small groups of students on intervention strategies designed to enhance learning for students working below grade level in reading and math. Differentiated instruction is also offered to students identified as gifted or highly gifted. High ability learners are also included in these programs by recommendation of staff, student or parents.

The staff at Hill School has a strong belief that all children receive an education that enables them to reach their fullest potential. Through high quality instruction and a warm, caring educational climate we aim to help;

All students become proficient in reading, written expression, and math problem solving and computation.

We also are committed to helping children to think critically and creatively and to develop the citizenship and character traits essential for living within our society.

Our mission at Ruth Hill School is evident…..”to promote success for all students in a community that encourages life long learning.”

If you are interested in learning more about Hill School please visit our school or contact me for additional information. I look forward to sharing more about this special school community!


Michelle Phillips