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Happy Friday!

We had a great day of learning! We had such a busy week, but we’re back in the swing of things after being gone for Spring Break! I apologize again for the email issues. It seems they aren’t quite resolved… Continue Reading →

We’re Learning SO Much Every Day!

We’ve had so much fun digging into different places in our country this week in literacy! We learned a bunch of things about Nebraska today! See if your child can tell you the state flower, bird, tree, animal, etc.  

WOW Wednesday!

We had a good day today and kept busy with so many things! We finished up our research report on bad weather, played some fun games in math, and learned all about the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Seattle Space… Continue Reading →

Tuesday in Room 104!

We were busy Kinder kiddos today! Your child has math homework and another little something for Integrated. Please help them in writing down their address. We are learning all about “Where We Live” in Social Studies!  

The First Day of Spring! :)

Welcome back to school! I can’t believe it’s the 4th quarter! I hope you enjoyed your Spring Break! I know that I sure did, although it always goes so fast! Today we talked a lot about how we are in… Continue Reading →

Happy Spring Break!

WELCOME, SPRING BREAK! 🙂 We sure love school, but it’s always nice to get some extra time off! I know I have a lot of things I hope to accomplish during my break and I’m sure the kiddos have their… Continue Reading →

Conferences, Day 2!

We had another great day! Check it out here!   Excited to see my Thursday conference families tonight! 🙂

No Wind Wednesday!

Phew!! No wind! This was a nice change of pace! 🙂 We were busy learners today and learned a lot of new things in math. Ask your child to tell you what The Night Sky is! Don’t forget to take… Continue Reading →

Conferences — Day 1!

We are just so excited for tonight, we can hardly contain ourselves! 🙂 I am so proud of these kiddos and I know you will be proud of them too! 🙂  

It’s Conference Week!

This week is here and we are so excited! 🙂 You are going to be so surprised to see everything that we know and all of the neat things we can do! 🙂 Please remember,… Your child will lead you… Continue Reading →

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