Coming up this week! {9/23-9/27}

Welcome back for week #7 in Kindergarten! We have such an exciting week in Kindergarten!

We are beginning Unit 2! This unit is entitled, “Let’s explore!” Our essential question is “How do tools help us explore?” We are going to continue practicing the ABC chant each day. We will be learning letter Pp this week. Our high-frequency word this week is a. Our vocabulary words are: tool, discover, defeated, fetch, & rumble. Our grammar skill for the week is verbs.

We are finishing up Unit 1 with our first math test on Monday. We will be starting Unit 2 and learning all about using 5-groups. We will be learning how to find groups of 1-10. We will be relating numbers and things, using our fingers. We will be telling math stories using classroom scenarios, as well as student’s family stories. Your child will be bringing home their math homework folder on Wednesday and Friday this week. On Wednesday, you will find the Unit 2 vocabulary cards in their math folder. As a reminder, these are meant for you to use at home. They do not need to come back to school. Please be sure to have your child complete their homework and return it the next day.

Writer’s Workshop…
We are going to continue learning all about our Writer’s Workshop routine! This week we will learn about capital letters at the beginning and the rest are lowercase, conventions and the CAPS man icon, an introduction to pattern books, and list pattern books. We are really enjoying using turtle talk to sound out words!

We are continuing our Health unit this week! We will be continuing to learn about our how to stay safe at school and home! We love going to a different Kindergarten classroom and learning all about safety from Mrs. Cathey. We can’t wait to tell you about all of the things we learn!

SO many exciting things happening this week! The walk-a-thon is on Tuesday! You are welcome to wear neon clothes or Adams gear and get ready to walk for Adams school! If you are still collecting donations for the Intergalactic Spacewalk-a-thon, you are almost out of time. All donations are due Tuesday, September 24th! We are also going to meet with our Co-Pilots for the first time on Tuesday. We can’t wait to meet our co-pilots and play a fun game with them. So many exciting things for our Kindergarten kids!

Don’t forget! Field Trip order forms are due tomorrow, September 23rd!
Don’t forget! Library days this week are Monday and Friday!
Don’t forget! We dismiss at 1:33 pm on Tuesday for PLC day.

We have so much to learn and look forward to this week! Thanks for partnering with us to make this a successful year in Kindergarten!

-Mrs. Sellenrick