Coming up this week! {5/13-5/17}

We are winding down on our time in Kindergarten!

Behavior Goals…
Our classroom and hallway behavior goal this week is “I can be okay even when our schedule changes.” Our lunchroom goal is “I will use my inside voice.”

We have finished up Unit 10! This week we will be studying Eric Carle.

This week we will be taking our last math test and working hard on our addition and subtraction fluency.

Writer’s Workshop…
We are finished with our writing assessment! We are going to be writing all about memories from Kindergarten this week!

We are continuing our Nutrition unit this week. We are excited to learn about the five food groups and how we can take care of our bodies. We are even going to have a snack lesson provided by UNL!

Junior Achievement…
We are so excited to start our Junior Achievement unit this week! We can’t wait!

We have so much to look forward to this week as we get closer to wrapping up the year! Thanks for partnering with us to make this a successful year in Kindergarten!

-Mrs. Sellenrick