Coming up this week! {1/7-1/11}

Welcome to 2019! I’m excited to be back and see all of the amazing things that the students have accomplished while I was gone. We have a lot of fun learning to look forward to this week!

Behavior Goals…
Our classroom and hallway behavior goal this week is “to review all rules.” Our lunchroom goal is “to review all rules.”

This week we will be continuing in Unit 3. We will be focusing on tens in teen numbers. We will be working on building teen numbers, practicing with 5-groups, tens in teen numbers, and stories and partners. We will have homework on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week!

Writer’s Workshop…
This week we are starting Quarter 3 writing! We are going to begin the year with writing Stories From Our Lives again. We are going to learn how to write 3-part stories that have a beginning, middle, and end. We are becoming writers and it is so exciting to see!

Star of the Week…
We will have our first Star of the Week in 2019 next week!

Don’t forget!
–Library days this week are Tuesday and Friday!

We have so much to learn and look forward to this week! We are also going to be spending some time reviewing rules and expectations for school. We want to start out 2019 on a positive note and make sure that we are ready to learn and prepare for First Grade! Thanks for partnering with us to make this a successful year in Kindergarten!

-Mrs. Sellenrick