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December 2016

Elf Adventures — Day 15!

And just like that… 2nd quarter is over! We had such a fun day! Enjoy your break! You all deserve it!  

Elf Adventures — Day 14!

One of our favorite days… Gingerbread baking day!!! We were so excited for this day and we had SO much fun! Thanks again to all of the volunteers that helped us out today! We appreciate it so much!   Reminder:… Continue Reading →

Elf Adventures — Day 13!

We had a fun day today! 🙂 Be sure to check your child’s backpack for something special! Gingerbread day is TOMORROW! We are so excited for this! 🙂  

Elf Adventures — Day 12!

What a SUPER day today!  

Elf Adventures — Day 11

We had a fun day in Room 104! Check it out!  

Elf Adventures — Day 10!

WOW! We were so surprised when we got to school this morning! The magic made our plant turn into candy canes! SO COOL!  We love having Jingle around and we really enjoy the magic that he brings!  

Elf Adventures — Day 9!

Jingle helped us with planting this morning! I wonder what will grow…  

Elf Adventures — Day 8!

Jingle came with gifts today! 2 NEW BOOKS! We love to read books in Room 104!  

Elf Adventures — Day 7

Jingle caused quite a ruckus when the kiddos entered the room this morning! All eyes (even some extras) were on them! Jingle is so silly! We started a new literacy week today! Our essential question is: “How can people help… Continue Reading →

Elf Adventures — Day 6!

We were so bummed this morning when we realized that Jingle wasn’t here! We were even more bummed to read his note and realize that he was a little disappointed with our day yesterday. It took us almost the whole… Continue Reading →

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