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New stories from Holmes 2nd Grade ELL

Mrs. Lamberson’s Class

In the second grade ELL, students worked hard to perfect their writing skills by writing personal narratives. They have added adjectives to make their stories to make them more interesting. They focused on word choice to make the language in their stories more vivid. They also selected fun leads to give their stories a great start and catch your attention.

Writing is how Digital Stories start. After students revise and edit their work, they are ready to create a movie to share their work. The students really enjoyed illustrating and recording their stories.

It has been gratifying to me to see my students smiles as they see their work on the web. Our students work hard to learn and be successful. The publishing of their stories via the digital stories project gives them the complete feeling of success. They are published authors!

I want to especially thank Laura Bartels for all the help and encouragement as we put these stories together. We could not have done it without her!

Mrs. Lamberson


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