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Parent Forum Notes

Upcoming Parent Forum:

Alleviating Anxiety in the Gifted Child

Dr. Joan Jacobs and Liz Ebers-Truesdale

Past topics and handouts:

Social Emotional Needs of Gifted Students
Liz Ebers-Truesdale, November 2017


What to Read: Susan Steider from the Lincoln Community Libraries, April 14: What to Read

Susan’s recommended web sites:

Organization and Executive Function
Pat Schock and Dr. Joan Jacobs, February 2016
We used a handout from Executive Skills in Children and Adolescents by Peg Dawson and Richard Guare. It is available free from Amazon (Look Inside! feature) on page 9.

Parent Forum, Anders Petersen, Education Quest October 2015

Parent Forum Notes from Dr. Matthew Dwyer, UNL, February 2015. Click on the link to watch the video on future careers in software writing.

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