Gifted Education

Differentiated literature connections

Children’s Author Websites

These authors are among those featured in the differentiated literature collection K-6.

Nebraska Author Web Sites

  • The Jane Pope Geske Heritage Room of Nebraska Authors – This room is a service of Lincoln City Libraries supported by the Nebraska Literary Heritage Association. It is dedicated to providing information about a host of Nebraska authors. Additional services follow.
  • Works for children and young adults – This list, created by supporters of the Heritage Room, considers the wealth of resources written by Nebraska authors for children and young adults.

Books Available Online

These sites provide free access to a variety of literature that appeals to youth.

  • Bibliomania: Choose fiction, short stories, or plays, and see how many resources are available free!
  • Project Gutenberg: Over 42,000 eBooks available for download or online reading in ePub and Kindle supported formats.
  • The Literature Network: Online books: Begin by selecting an author, and see how many titles await.
  • Open Library: The World’s classic literature at your fingertips
  • WikiJunior: You know Wikipedia, but WikiJunior provides, as one of its offerings, a variety of children’s topics, available for students to read and edit.
  • From Strunk and White’s Style Manual to Gray’s Anatomy, this site offers a wealth of literature, reference, and verse.

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