Fifth Grade Team

Hello Team 5 Families!  We look forward to meeting our new students at Open House on Thursday, August 10 from 5:30-6:30!  Check this page for occasional updates as well as our Team 5 Facebook page!


Specials Schedule- Amen


B- Music

C- Computers/Media

D- Science

Specials Schedule- Fellows

A- Science


C- Music

D- Computers/Media


Specials Schedule- Walker

A- Computers/Media

B- Science


D- Music


Media Specials will be during Quarters 1 and 3, Computers during Quarters 2 and 4.

Band Days With Mr. Thomas: Mondays and Tuesdays Strings Day With Ms. Zumwalt: Thursdays

Online Practice:

If you would like to practice skills online, try these websites!  Students are likely familiar with some of them!

Practice 5th grade skills on the Curriculum Notebook page!  Choose a subject area and a grade level to find the skills you need.

Practice skills learned in reading on the Wonders website!  Students can log in from home using their user name and password.

Math Fact Practice Sites:

Multiflyer Multiplication Facts– Lots of Choices! Number Balloons
Table Mountain Math Stax Math Magician
Clear It!  Multiply or Divide Math Bingo Math Lines Multiplication 
Multiply or Divide Math Quiz Math Mayhem   Long Division

General Math Sites:

Math Mysteries Hooda Math Mr. Nussbaum’s Math Sheppard Software- Math Operations 
Academic Skill Builders Gamequarium Caterpillar Ordering and Sequencing Matific

Order of Operations Practice Sites:

Who Wants to be a Hundredaire? Math Playground- Order of Operations
Funbrain- Order of Operations Make 24
 A WHOLE BUNCH of Games  High Stakes Heist

Ch. 7 & 8 Practice Sites

Create Line Plots Pictographs Bar Graphs Circle Graphs
Double Line Graphs Choose the Correct Graph Line Plots- Study Jams Interpret Line Graphs
Graphing Games– Scroll down to Grade 5


Chapter 6 Practice Sites

A Bunch of Measurement Games Compare & Convert Customary Measures Customary & Metric Length Artie Ounces
Measurement Hangman Conversions Jeopardy Measure It! Best Measure 2


Chapter 9 & 19 Practice Sites

Divisibility by 2, 5 and 10 Who Wants to Be A Millionaire- Divisibility Pirate Game Math Slice Divisibility Video
 Factor Game   Factors Millionaire Factor Targets  Fruit Shoot-Prime/Composite  Monkey Drive-Prime/Composite
Finding Multiples Find the Multiples Bubble Multiples  Number Ninjas  Prime or Composite?
Decention Changing Fractions, Decimals & Percents Millionaire Game Fractions, Decimals & Percent Jeopardy

Chapter 10 Practice Sites

Mathman– add and subtract fractions Fruit Splat Fraction Addition Mathman-Simplify Fractions

Chapter 12 Practice Sites

Chapter 12 Fraction Model Multiplying Fractions Snow Sprint Fractions Millionaire

Chapter 13 Practice Sites

Model Multiplication Model Multiplication 2 Alien Multiplication Snakes & Ladders
 Estimate Products Decimal Jeopardy  Decimal Cruncher  Football Math

Chapter 16 & 17 Practice Sites

Area Shape Shoot Area Game Area of Rectangles
Square Off AAA Math- Area Millionaire Bravo
Fruit Splat Solid Figures Solid Figures Factory
3D Shapes Concentration Explore Prisms Explore Pyramids
Castle Shape Sorting Castle Shapes Pt 2 Under the Sea Geometry

Chapter 20 & 23 Practice Sites

Balloon Bonanza Probability Bag Probability Circus
Probability Fair Probability Machine Probability Game
Billy Bug Top Quark A bunch of games!

Ch. 1 (Unit 1) Practice Sites

Otter Rush Exponents Pirate Exponents Exponent Baseball
A Bunch of Exponent Games

Unit 2/Ch. 21 Practice Sites

Pan Balance- Numbers  Pan Balance- Shapes Equations Pong 
Algebra Four– partner needed

Chapter 15 Practice Sites

Triangle Splat Types of Triangles Drag & Drop Triangles Triangles Game
 Polygon Shape Shoot   Polygon Name Matching  Polygon Game  Regular & Irregular Polygons